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You are visiting chat ave, one of the biggest chat avenue website online. Chat ave offers a place where people can connect with each other from any place on the planet every day at any time of the day or night. Teens, kids, adults, gays, lesbians, no matter what race or gender, anyone really can just connect and instantly talk to each other.

This chat ave site is made similar to #1 chat avenue to complement it and provide information about the worlds favorite chat site. As you may already know, the chat avenue website has many chat rooms and they also offer a forum. There is a total number of 16 chats. Registration is not needed.

chat ave chat rooms

The chat rooms all use flash chat. They bought the chat script from 123flash chat. Some of the rooms are busier than others. Although they support video and mic, a webcam or microphone is not needed to use the chats.

What this means is that all their chatting rooms have cam to cam and microphone capabilities, making it one of the most favorite sites to visit. The chat rooms are Adobe Flash based. You will need to have Adobe Flash enabled in your browser. Not only is it the #1 chat spot online because of the chat rooms but because the chatting rooms are always busy with hundreds of people chatting in one place.

The websites home page states that they are moderated and administrated but they can not be online all day. The private chat conversations you might have with someone else are not recorded either. This means that they respects everyone's privacy. What about rules? All of the chat rooms have rules. They are located under each chat room. "Teen chat" for example, will have different rules than "adult chat". Following the rules listed are important because if you don't you can get banned permanently. Although #1 chat ave have adult and gay chats they are not of a mature nature. Nudity for example is not permitted in any way and the conversations have to be "clean". They also encourage younger teens to use the chat with a parent or guardian monitoring them.

The forum is another great place to chat. To view the forums you have to click on the "chat forums" from the home page. There are 37 forums to choose from today but there were not that many a couple of years ago. They have added the "Pets" forum and the "Kick/Ban Inquiries and Moderator Complaints & Compliments". The message board statistics for chat ave are as follows: 38,696 threads, 1,019,869 posts, 242,339 registered members, and 599 blogs. This makes it a really large board.

A Brief History of #1 Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue was registered back in the year 2000, this makes the site one of the oldest online. Its been online for 18 years! Check it out on Wikipedia.